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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Enhance your Kitchen Design with amazing encaustic cement tiles

Moroccan Tile | Cement Tile
Nowadays, Cement tiles are an outstanding solution for kitchen floors, counter-tops and even backsplashes and until now one of the most popular finishes in home building. They offer high level durable tiles against on-going wear and tear and also available in different varieties of textures. If you want to put ceramic tiles in your kitchen which will help you to mix your customizing style with a low maintenance material then there are different types of tiles also which offer heat resistance and considerable improvement for kitchen counter-tops. The good thing about cement tile is that it can be installed over the existing old tiles which can save time and money.

Cement Tile flooring will offer a variety of style, finish and textures. Many designs, patterns and layout can be made for a stylish look. You can choose for a different style, with tiles made of natural materials like granite, for example. Many types of encaustic cement tile can now have more expensive materials without giving you all the trouble of the extensive maintenance procedures related to wood or real stone. Hygiene and maintenance will become important to keep your kitchen as fresh as possible. Cement tile cleaning is not very time-consuming as long as it is to be done at regular interval of time.

Ceramic or cement tiles come in different variety of sizes and shapes. This affords another option to add elegance and style to your kitchen and will determine the cost of tile. Mixing colors, styles and finishes can really enhance the look of your kitchen. It is important to keep it matching to cabinets and cup-boards, though which will definitely help to raise the value of your home. Unlike carpeting, ceramic tiles are also anti-allergenic which provides a great advantage for people who suffer from reactions to dust mites. A cement tiled kitchen will increase the value of your home, adding to its overall grace and style with an enduring finish.

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

Cement Tile Flooring - How to accomplish it precisely so that it lasts for many years

Cement Tile Flooring | Zia Tile
A cement tile floor can be one of the good looking types of flooring around if the flooring work is done properly. Alternatively, a careless work can end up demolishing the appearance of your home and make a lot more work for you. There is no need to mention the price involved as it will more than the twice if you end up having to do it again.

The first thing to set up is to make sure that your floor is strong enough for a tile floor. Concrete floors are the best as they are logically powerful. Use the perfect material to get an ideal floor. With a cement tile flooring you need not to worry about the floor, it will not move or not get any crack. So, it would be better to put proper support under any wide spans with the grout in order to keep the floor from flabby over time.

If you want to use the self leveling cement to level your floor it should be procured before proceeding with the laying of the substrate. Apply a thin layer of thin concrete set using a trowel and lay your substrate on it. It should be worked properly to make sure that it is completely leveled before applying one more layer of thin set for your cement tile.

When placing the tile, it should be started from the center of one wall and work out from there in small segments in order to avoid mixing of excessive material at one time. Put your concrete tile in proper position without sliding it and press down confidently to set it into the thin set of tiles so that you would get a firm bond between them. Make sure to use the spacers so that all your tiles will be calmly spaced.

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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ziatile: Top-notch provider of amazing cement tiles

Encaustic Cement Tile
Cement tiles are handmade colorful tiles which are mainly used for floor coverings. They have been widely used in Europe and America. They are sometimes called as encaustic tile also which refers to clay tile.

At Zia Tile, the main objective is to give the wonderful handmade encaustic cement tile to each assignment. They work with tile designers, contractors and DIY homeowners on nationwide for projects of all sizes. They construct standard handmade cement tile and can modify the colors or designs to suit any style. Cement tiles are made by their artisans on 3 continents which have lots of experience in this manufacturing field for producing encaustic cement tiles with lifelong quality and attractiveness.

Ziatile made all of the cement tiles which will have minor variations due to the handmade nature of cement tile and its enduring tradition of press and form patterns with pigmented concrete. Zia Tile is based in Los Angeles and transports 120+ exceptional handmade cement tile designs worldwide. Encaustic cement tiles are made by hand using mineral pigments, cement, mold and hydraulic press.

The pigment work is a combination of high quality white Portland cement, marble powder and other natural color pigments. The individual patterns are made by manually applying separate pigments one at a time in a handmade copper mold. This amazingly skillful process can be performed by extremely qualified artisans with lots of experience in making of the handmade encaustic cement tile.

In this manufacturing process, there is no cover layer on the surface of the tile and obtain their robustness from the mixture of finely dehydrated cement and coarser cement layer in which cement tiles are not fired. The pigment layer is hydraulically pushed into the surface and becomes a fraction of the tile. The tiles are then soaked in a water tub for 24 hours and then position to dried out for another seven days at the manufacturing unit before they dispatch to their Los Angeles warehouse where they are stored before delivery to their esteemed customers worldwide.

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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Using the Moroccan Home Decor Style

moroccan style floor tiles
Moroccan home Decor can be a perfect way to liven up a dull home appearance and give your rooms a complete new look and feel. Carefully placing Moroccan furniture and adding a few Moroccan accents and touches can really spice up the interior design of your home. Moroccan lanterns, rich fabrics, bright colors, exotic smells, and an air of mystery all combine in a result that is fabulous. Why not add a unique look to your home with some Moroccan furniture and lamps?

The designs and patterns which are included in Moroccan style floor tiles can really make your home stand out and grab attention. The use of colors which are rich and vivid, fabrics which include various textures and designs, and the addition of special collectibles can turn your home from dull and boring to inviting and exciting in no time. Rugs play a central role in Moroccan decor, and they are used on the walls for ornamentation as well as on the floors were covered. One method is to choose an exquisite Moroccan rug that is hung in the main room of the house on the wall, and just this one action can make a huge difference in the way the room appears and in the atmosphere.

Moroccan furniture is very ornate and involves the use of metal and wood which are engraved. These pieces have a timeless beauty as well as a combination of elegance and classical lines. Moroccan furniture will go well with any piece that is already present in your home. This furniture is fairly inexpensive and can be managed even if your budget is small. A mosaic tile floor is perfect for Moroccan home decor, and so are accessories that utilize velvet, leather, and silk in colors which are bright and vivid.

Moroccan home decor also includes the use of textiles in your home interior design plan. For a new look in your kitchen you can choose dishes and collectibles which have Arabic patterns and designs, and the intricate patterns can also be used on the countertops, the wallpaper, and in other areas. The point is to accessorize without making a Moroccan home decor unappealing or uncomfortable. Some important items to include in Moroccan decor are rugs which are colorful and thick, and these can be used on both the walls and floors, Moroccan furniture which has been elaborately carved from metal and wood, fabric canopies, throw cushions and embroidered pillows, and other luxurious touches. You can also include entrance doors with ornate carvings for a home entrance which has a dramatic effect.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

Easy Steps For Buying Encaustic Floor Tiles

Encaustic Cement Floor Tiles | Zia Tile
In the realm of art and architecture, mosaic, geometric and floral patterns are among the most enduring creations from the Victorian age. Artists have innovated the use of these Romantic, gothic revival and art nouveau styles across decades, coming up with fresh shapes, shades and grains for authentic 19th century designs. Octagons, hexagons, rectangles, squares and triangles were ever present in Victorian floor and wall schemes in the patio, fireplace, bathroom and kitchen.

Modern-day octagonal floor tiles continue to be desired by interior designers and home builders as some of the most intelligent ways to embellish flooring and walling, whether in exterior or interior spaces. Probably the most sought after is the octagon and dot motif. It is so called because each octagon is made to have little diagonal sides, and when four diagonal sides from four different octagons converge in the middle, they create a diamond as little as a dot. Due to the advent of printing, white and blue was the dominant color match. Contemporary homes today might have white octagons with either black or white dots.

Geometric schemes next figured in Edwardian era art nouveau with its natural shapes and tones. Octagons and dots were formed into floral patterns, whereas in the New World, subsumed into heritage and colonial architecture along with Old World Spanish designs. From classic English houses, geometric styling’s resurfaced in pre-war homes in the Americas. They merged with traditional hardwood furniture and were given rich earth tones in the Roaring Twenties and later joined sunburst patterns and received metal, chrome and other shiny finishing in the Vintage Hollywood Thirties. Originally from these decades, art deco is a major contributor to geometric design.

There is an enormous selection of building materials at present such as vitrified clay, stone, travertine, terracotta, slate, sandstone, quarry, porcelain, marble, limestone, granite, glass and ceramic. Available surface finishing includes textured, stone, satin, mosaic, matte, glossy, glass and encaustic, from top tile brands like Castello, Armstrong, HR Johnson and Roppe.

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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Ziatile : Provides Amazing Encaustic Cement Tiles

Encaustic Cement Floor Tile
Cement tiles are handmade colorful tiles which are mainly used as floor and wall tiling. They have been widely used in America and Europe. They symbolize a revolt in flooring in their days because they were much cheaper, more durable and easier to create than the earlier handmade glazed cement tiles and therefore available for houses and they also allowed for plentiful of decorative tile patterns.

They are mostly known throughout the world as encaustic cement tile. Like their predecessors, encaustic clay tiles, they derive their name from the term encaustic which is an art name used for metal enameling that uses a type of lost wax procedure.

Nowadays, Encaustic cement tiles are seen all over as there are hardly any homes that capture the appearance of patterned floors with entirely different materials which let you get that handmade old world look for a lot less.

Cement tiles aren’t just popular because of the stunning designs available; they’re also one of the most durable types of tile on the market. While encaustic cement tile have been used to make a contemporary look with the utmost ease. The flexibility of cement tile makes them the straightforward choice if you want to use them in your modern home or contemporary space. To achieve a contemporary look with these amazing cement tiles, make use of different geometric patterns. Bound to only two or three colors because it would be best to join up a neutral color with two tones of another color.

So, if you love cement tiles and would like to use them in your modern homes or want to maintain a casual look in an open setting then there are few tips that will help like:
  • Bound your options to a few colors.
  • Select the simple and geometric patterns that have clean lines.
  • Install patterns so they run to the edge of the room.
  • Add pattern tiles to the floor.
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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Get Encaustic cement tiles for your Dream Home

Encaustic Cement Floor Tiles
Whenever we build homes for us, we look for the best for our domiciles whether it’s just selecting furniture for our domicile or selecting tiles for our dream home. In order to protect walls from the ceiling we can use wall tiles for the walls of our home. Encaustic cement tiles are the best option for the wall, floor tiles of home.

The name Encaustic cement tiles came from the word “encaustic” that was an old world technique for metal enameling. Because of the similarities in their manufacturing process, cement tiles adopted the same name. Cement tiles are not fired up in a furnace because there is no shiny finish layer on the exterior of the tile. As a result, their production has a much lower carbon footprint compared to ceramic tiles. They are also incredibly durable, lasting well over a century at the same time these tiles are eco-friendly. Cement tile, also known as encaustic tile, is a handmade product. Layers of cement are used, in which the top layer is fine white cement with colorants poured into a mold to make attractive patterns.

Since cement tiles are so nice, they make any surface look fabulous. The nice thing about cement tile is that it is adaptable. These can be used in flooring, fireplace designs, walls, etc.

There are different patterns available in market for selecting encaustic tiles that include geometric, traditional, modern, hex and solid styles. You can select the most desirable and well suited pattern for your domicile by choosing the best for yourself.

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